Advantage of gas assisted mould

gas assisted molding

In gas assist plastic injection molding, the pressurized gas follows the path of least resistance and displaces the plastic material in the thicker areas of the part, leaving hollow sections for reduced material use and part weight, yet not compromising part appearance or functional performance.

With gas assist molding, localized gas pressure within the mold results in better packing of the plastic which reduces warpage, shrinking, surface blemishes, sink marks and internal stress. Gas assist injection molded plastics generally make for stronger and more aesthetically pleasing parts.

Gas assist molding is used to reinforce ribbed parts and provides more design freedom for complex parts, reducing multiple part assemblies and metal to plastic conversions.

The need for less plastic material and the consistent pressurization within the mold also enable gas assist injection molded plastics to cool faster, reducing cycle times and increasing plastic injection molding machine output – saving time and cost!

In gas assist plastic injection molding, the internal pressure provided by the nitrogen gas enables lowering the outer force needed to hold part shape, so large plastic parts can be produced with less tonnage on smaller plastic injection molding machines.